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The Starving Scotsman Who Became An American Millionaire

10 financial and career facts about comedian Bill Cosby

What Young Bill Clinton Was Spending His Money On

Financial Jokes

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People who should NOT read The Quarter Roll:

1. Selfish corporate bosses who consciously ensure their employees will not advance in pay or position.
2. High school dropouts who tell their peers that going to GED classes or night school that “College is dumb”.
3. Lackadaisical employees who are satisfied hoping, praying, or begging for a 2% pay increase every year.
4. Wealth managers who cater their services to wealthy executives and CEOs.
5. School administrators who don’t believe basic financial education for students, let alone themselves, is the cornerstone for all of their future economic prosperity.

6. Cheaters – people who are willing to give up the financial power a strong committed relationship brings.
7. Criminals – because stealing is just dumb. There are too many legitimate ways to save money and earn a meaningful wage.
8. Trade school recruiters who oversell their programs and mislead candidates about tuition and loans, job placement, and
9. Landlords who prey on lower paid workers and consciously suppress renters’ quality of life by not taking responsibility for the care, upkeep, and improvements needed on their properties.
10. Anyone who ensures, with ridiculously inflated charges, that average families must struggle with health concerns.

People who SHOULD read The Quarter Roll: Anyone who wants to get better deals, find better work, build a better future, AND have fun doing it!

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