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Five Ways to Draw More Applicants to Your Job Fair Booth
Here are some tips for employers who want to maximize the amount of traffic to their booths at job fairs.
Prepare for anything when you go to a Job Interview
Be prepared for anything when you walk into a job interview.
The Worst Fee EVER
This may be the worst fee ever. You decide, but here is how to get out of paying it.
Be An MVP At Work Like Steelers' Heath Miller
Follow Heath's example and you may end up being your workplace's MVP someday as well!
Marketing Like A Kung-Fu Master
Are you on a tight marketing budget? Consider free demonstrations to let the world know how great your product is. Here are just 6 of the many no cost / low cost places where you can show an audience the value of your product or service.
Small Business CEO
A Flood Of Financial Risk For Homeowners
When you review your monthly budget you may be putting money aside for items such as groceries, rent, clothing, and your gym membership, but have you ever listed flood damage on your budget?
50 Plus Finance
Why Clients Don't Want Your Customer Service
One way to ensure your customers or clients are raving not ranting about you is to redefine the old, commonly accepted meaning of customer service.
Customer Service Manager
8 Ways To Get More Out Of Your Chamber Of Commerce Membership
There are many reasons to join your local Chamber of Commerce. Some of the obvious ones are networking opportunities, community involvement, and the trust that Chamber affiliation builds with your customers.
Small Business Branding
Achieve Your Dream With Chuck Norris' Example
In Chuck Norris' case it took him two years to break away from a job he didn't care for and earn enough money to make his passion for karate his full time vocation. If you start today, how long will it take you to achieve YOUR dream?
5 Ways Your Small Business Can Get Free PR Out of a Chamber of Commerce Membership
Effectively promoting your business can be tricky and expensive- especially if you are just starting out. But, if you know how to leverage your Chamber membership, you can take advantage of lots of excellent publicity for your business.
Frugal Entrepreneur
Insurance Company’s Ratings Explained
Insurance companies are given ratings that represent their financial stability. It is unsafe to assume that any insurance company that is in business is stable. Here is how to tell how stable your insurance company is.
Living Richly On A Budget
10 Easy Ways Chamber Members Can Support Each Other
Mailing a check to THE CHAMBER for your membership dues and then waiting at your office for crowds of new customers to beat down your doors will end up being a very frustrating experience. Here is how "Chamber Karma" can benefit you.
Employee to Entrepreneur
One man's hobby becomes a home business - rebuilding Jeep masterpieces.
Home Business Magazine
5 Ways to Turn Your Chamber of Commerce Membership Into Sales
There are many businesses not taking advantage of opportunities to increase sales and brand awareness. Yes, their chamber membership boosts their credibility in consumers' eyes, but a chamber membership potentially offers a lot more.
Sales Lessons: The Power Of Freebies, Customer Bonuses And Incentives. William Wrigley's Story.
We all love a bonus, a fun surprise, or something extra we didn't have to pay for. Successful marketers often package small giveaways with already popular products to increase the likelihood that customers will buy from them, rather than from their competitor.
YFS Entrepreneur


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