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about quarter rollWelcome to The Quarter Roll Financial Entertainment Magazine. We hope you enjoy visiting our website and that you will become a reader of The Quarter Roll magazine. The Quarter Roll Financial Entertainment Magazine® is all about strategies to earn more and then let you squeeze $1.25 worth of value out of every dollar you earn.

The Quarter Roll's articles, blogs, and features are about building economic and employment security, told in every day language, through the stories of real people and the lessons they have learned from their own personal experiences. Our readers also find lots of financial trivia, helpful tips, and lesser known facts about managing money that can help anyone do much better with their own financial circumstances. Here are examples of popular topics on our site:

Getting more for your money.
Life gets more expensive all the time, and its important that we each create a plan to regularly increase our income and reduce or control our expenses. The tactics The Quarter Roll writes about teach readers how do that. Some examples include:
1) Tax advantages from a side business.
2) Learning how to effectively negotiate EVERYTHING.
3) Filling your life with assets and eliminating liabilities.
4) Bargain shopping and buying ahead.
5) Creating realistic short and long term budgeting strategies that work.

Employment for life.
No one can guarantee you will have a particular job for life, but you can guarantee yourself employment for life by learning how to make yourself marketable and indispensable. Here are a few examples how:
1) Branding yourself as an industry leader.
2) Strategically building a wide, engaged network of industry peers.
3) Regularly acquiring new work skills.
4) Learning how to effectively conduct a modern job search.
5) Becoming an engaging, polished writer and a confident communicator.

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The Quarter Roll is published to provide personal insights and opinions on everyday ways of saving and managing money, budgeting, and reducing debt. The Quarter Roll does not give professional accounting, legal, or investing counsel. The ideas, examples, and advice presented on this site are solely the opinion of the authors based on his or her personal experiences. All photos courtesy of The Quarter Roll, iStockphoto, or Dreamstime. © All rights reserved.