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Valentine's Day Financial Trivia

Free financial trivia, facts, and tips about Valentine's Day.Valentine's Day
*63% of consumers celebrate Valentine's Day. On average each one will spend $120 on Valentine's Day gifts.

*One-fourth of Valentine's Day cards are humorous.

*More than half of shoppers spend more than $3 for a Valentine's Day card.

*In 2011 the average man shelled out more than twice as much ($158.71) as the average woman ($75.79)

*$367 million will be spent on pets for Valentine's Day.

*8 billion conversation heart candies will be sold between January 1 and February 14. Source

*35 billion heart shaped boxes of chocolate will be sold for Valentine's Day.

*110 billion roses will be sold and delivered for Valentine's Day. Source

*15% of women will send themselves flowers on Valentine's Day! Source

*About 200 million greeting cards will be exchanged for Valentine's Day. 85% of them will be purchased by women. Source

*Condom sales are 20-30% higher during the Valentine's Day holiday. Source

*About 92% of married Americans with children will spend the most money on their spouses: $67.22. The remainder goes to Valentine's Day gifts for kids, friends, co-workers, and pets. Source

*The American Express Spending & Saving Tracker, which surveyed 2,003 adults in January, found that 12% of those surveyed thought Valentine's Day was a waste of money.

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