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Henry J Heinz - Career & Financial Facts

1. By the time HJ Heinz was 17 he was making $2400 selling excess produce from the family garden.

2. 1875 was a tough year for HJ Heinz and his company:
     His company was evicted from its Pittsburgh based plant.
     H.J. himself was arrested on charges of fraud filed by creditors.
     Heinz filed voluntary bankruptcy.
     H.J.'s parents' furniture and house were advertised for sheriff's sale.
     He and his wife could not afford food or even Christmas gifts for their two children.
     Locals whom he owed money harassed him and accused the family of having and hiding money.

3. H.J. carried a notebook marked "M.O." listing his Moral Obligations to all creditors.

4. In 1888 H.J. Heinz went into business with his brother John and cousin Fredrick, however, he was not initially allowed to be a partner. He was paid $125 a month as the manager.

5. HJ Heinz's first two employees were women. Women could be paid 75 cents per day versus $1 per day for men. Source

6. In 1881 HJ Heinz paid $10 to have 300 yards of iron wire run from his house to his fathers. This allowed him to have telephone service from one house to the other. He paid an annual rent of $50 to have 1 telephone installed in each of the two houses. Page 78 Source

7. In 1896 he raised the wages of women at the Pittsburgh factory by 12.5%.

8. H. J. Heinz gave out life insurance policies to any of his employees who had been with his company for 3 years. "The face of the policy grows from $250 at its inception to $1,000, depending on the length of service of the worker."

9. Heinz would give new parents who worked for him a silver spoon when their child was born. Financial giants of America, Volume 2 By George F. Redmond

10. H. J. Heinz was also a pioneer when it came to trade show giveaways. His "pickle charms" attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors to his exhibit at the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago. Source

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