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Elvis Presley - Career & Financial Facts

Trivia questions about Elvis Presley. Financial and employment trivia facts about Elvis Presley.1. Elvis Presley's parents had to borrow the $3 needed for their marriage license and both lied about their ages on the application.

2. Dr. Hunt, Gladys Presley's obstetrician, only charged the Presleys $15 for delivering Elvis because they were so poor. Page 13 Source

3. In 1938 Elvis' dad, Vernon, was sent to jail for altering a check that was originally for $4 so that it would look like it was for more money.

4. Money was so tight in the Presley household when Elvis was young that most meals were cornbread and water.

5. While Vernon was in jail Gladys earned $1.50 for each one hundred pounds of cotton she picked. Source

6. Vernon once earned $52 a month as a skilled carpenter under the Federal Works Project Agency. Source

7. Elvis got his first guitar when he was 11. It cost $7.75 along with 2 cents sales tax.  Source

8. In 1949 the Presleys were renting a room for $9.50 per week. Source

9. Elvis and his best friend Buzzy banded together to do odd jobs and cut grass for $2 per yard. Source

10. When his parents were out for the evening Elvis would hold dances in the family apartment and each boy would contribute a quarter for himself and his date enough for popcorn and Cokes. Source

11. Elvis Presley's first royalty check was for $500 but he did not have a checking account into which he could deposit it. He wanted to buy new clothes with the money.

12. Elvis paid $15 for a marriage license when he married Priscilla.

13. Elvis' manager Colonel Tom Parker used to paint sparrows yellow and sell them as canaries (before Elvis). Additionally, Parker held an incredible power over Elvis — most managers take 10-15%, but by the end of Elvis’s career Colonel Tom was taking 50%. Source

14. Elvis only ever did one advertisement — on the radio for doughnuts in 1954. Source

15. Elvis sold enough Cokes at Monday night professional wrestling bouts that he could earn $3-4 in one evening. Page 59 Source

16. Elvis' prom date spent $14.98 in 1953 on her pink prom dress. Page 60 Source

17. Elvis' first car was a 1941 green, two door Lincoln that cost $35.00. Page 51 Source

18. On July 18, 1953, Elvis Presley paid a private recording studio $4 to make a 2 sided acetate recording of two of his songs as a belated birthday present for his mom.

19. In 1954 Elvis was driving a delivery truck for $1 per hour and studying to be an electrician. Page 70 Source

20. In 1955 Elvis was making $200 per performance. Page 122 Source

21. Elvis may have received a "C" in his 8th grade music class, but on November 21, 1955 Elvis Presley Sun contract was sold to RCA for $35,000.00. Page 35 Source

22. In 1956 Elvis got a contract to star in a movie with an option to be in 6 more. The first movie would pay him $15,000 and up to $100,000 for the 7th movie. Page 132 Source

23. In April 1956 Elvis Presley earned $7,500 a week for a two week performance in Las Vegas. Later that same year he was paid $20,000 + a $7,500 commission on souvenirs for a 10 day tour that ended in New Orleans. Source

24. At Christmas 1956 Elvis' girlfriend Barbara spent all of her money ($5) on a gold vest for him. Elvis got her a Sunbeam shaver. Page 204 Source

25. In 1957 Elvis bought Graceland for $102,500.00 and had a 25 year mortgage after his down payment. Page 221 Source

26. In 1958 during his first week in the Army he was given $20 for toothpaste and other basic necessities. Page 253 Source

27. In 1973, Elvis gave Muhammad Ali a $10,000 white robe, with the words “People’s Champion” emblazoned across the back. Source

28. In 1974 Elvis bought 14 Cadillacs in the same day for $140,000.00, giving one to a complete stranger, a bank teller called Mennie Person who was admiring Elvis’ custom Cadillac limo parked outside. Source

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