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Bill Cosby - Financial and Career Facts

Trivia questions about Bill Cosby. Financial and employment trivia facts about Bill Cosby.1. When he was 11 Bill Cosby earned about $9.00 per week shining shoes, setting up vegetable stands at a grocery store, and dusting and scrubbing a drugstore. Source

2. Bill Cosby went to Temple University on a athletic scholarship. Page 42 Source

3. The New York Giants once offered Bill Cosby $13,000 a year to play football. He declined saying, "I wasn't going to let them kill me for $13,000.00, no sir." Page 42 Source

4. Bill Cosby once worked as a shoe repair apprentice. He also tended bar for $5 a week plus tips. Page 43-44. Source

5. Bill Cosby was once paid $3 a night to carry the "king" in a play onto the stage and another $2 to stay on the stage holding a fan. Page 43 Source

6. After his bartending job and while still attending Temple University Cosby got a job for $16 a night telling jokes at a night club. Page 32 Source

7. Cosby's next night club job paid him $60 a week. Page 33 Source

8. While he was fine tuning his act his income was hit and miss. "Some weeks no money came in. Some weeks the take varied from a two-hundred dollar high to a seventy-five dollar one-nighter low". Source

9. In 1962 Cosby received his largest weekly paycheck to date: $400. He asked for it in cash, got it in $5 bills, and threw it all into the air in his hotel room. Source

10. By early 1963 he was earning up to $500 a week. Page 48. Source

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