Thomas Edison's Childhood Home

edison birthplace museum

What you must see:
1. Thomas Edison's childhood home. (More Pics Here!)
The centerpiece of your tour is the home itself. Be sure to ask your tour guide to tell you the story of how Edison ended up in Milan, Ohio and not Canada!

2. Edison family original belongings.
As you tour the home your tour guide will point out various furniture and artifacts that belonged to members of Thomas Edison's family.

3. The room Edison was born in.
Located on the first floor of the home you will see the very room that inventor Thomas Edison was born in. 

4. The museum.
Located next door to the Edison family home is another house that serves as a museum and gift shop. Its full of historical artifacts and Thomas Edison's belongings.

5. Thomas Edison's first chemistry set.
In the basement of Thomas Edison's boyhood home is a collection of his inventions and experiments. You will also see the first chemistry set he ever owned.

Edison Birthplace Museum
Adults: $7 / Seniors: $6 / Children 6 - 12: $4. Street parking is FREE.
9 N Edison Drive, Milan, Ohio 44846  Phone: (419) 499-2135
More Information On The Edison Birthplace Museum

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Inside The Museum Edison's Pig Foot Rest Born In This Room Edison's 1st Chemistry Set Inside Edison's Home

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You are allowed to take pictures throughout the home and museum. Keep in mind you are not far from President Rutherford Hayes' estate and museum in Fremont, Ohio. Considering making that one of  your stops on your trip!

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