Pennsylvania Governor Residence Tour

PA Governor Residence Tour

What you must see:
1. Gardens (More Pics Here!)
Surrounding the Residence are beautifully manicured gardens and a walking trail.

2. Mementos
Each previous Pennsylvania Governor has left behind a memento. They are all on display for visitors to enjoy.

3. Artwork
As you tour the Residence you will enjoy many pictures by Pennsylvania artists, as well as, pictures portraying historical Pennsylvania event.

4. Offices
During the tour you will get a good look at the Governor and First Lady's offices inside the Residence.

5. Flood Line.
In 1972 Governor Shapp had to evacuate the Residence when it was flooded. Can you guess how high the water got? Find out from the wall plaque in the main lobby.

PA Governor's Residence Tours
Admission and parking is FREE. Parking is available on the street in front of Residence.
More Residence Tour Information
PA Governor Residence Tour PA Governor Residence Tour PA Governor Residence PA Governor Residence Tour Pennsylvania Governor Residence Tour

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6. Access For The Disabled
Best time to take the tour is when school is out. Generally, students on field trips make the tours larger. Taking the tour when school is out will allow you to enjoy smaller group sizes.

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