Niagara Falls New York

what to do in new york niagara falls

5 Totally Free Things To Enjoy At Niagara Falls New York:
1. Prospect Point Park (More Pics Here!)
The park is a great spot to start your trip to Niagara Falls and it offers lots of walking trails and observation points that allows visitors to enjoy the raging river and Falls from an array of vantage points.

2. Observation Tower
The Observation Tower lets you walk out over the Niagara River and get a spectacular view of the American Falls crashing down into the river.

3. Goat Island
Goat Island is where you can get great views of both the American and Canadian Falls. There is a path that circles the island so you can enjoy the beauty of the Niagara area from many different views. 

4. Pedestrian Bridge
You can see the edge of the Falls in the near distance as you walk over the pedestrian bridge connecting Prospect Park and Goat Island. The bridge crosses over some of the most turbulent parts of the river giving walkers an exhilarating experience right under their feet!

5. Light Show / Fireworks
The Falls are light up for several hours every night throughout the year, which gives you a unique view of the water you can't get during the day. Additionally, there are fireworks over the Falls on Friday and Sunday nights in the summer.

Niagara Falls New York
Niagara Falls State Park Visitor Center 332 Prospect St Niagara Falls, NY 14303
Parking is $10, but there are other spots where you can park close to the Visitor Center area and walk in.
More Information On Prospect Point Park

free things in niagara falls new york what to do in new york niagara falls niagara falls new york free things in niagara falls new york

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Jan 1 - Jan 31: 5pm-Midnight, Feb 1 - Feb 28: 6:30pm-11pm, Mar 1 - Mar 7: 7pm -11pm, Mar 8 - April 30: 8:30pm-11pm, May 1 - Aug 13: 9pm-Midnight, Aug 14 - Sept 30: 8:30pm-Midnight, Oct 1 - Oct 31: 7pm-Midnight, Nov 1 - Dec 30: 5pm-Midnight, December 31: 5pm-1am

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niagara falls new york free things in niagara falls new york niagara falls new york what to do in new york niagara falls niagara falls new york free things in niagara falls new york
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