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Tony paid for acting school with the G.I. Bill, which gave war veterans a $60 a month stipend while attending school.


How did Rick Harrison get his start? By searching for silver spoons and other hidden treasures at swap meets when Rick was 12 years old!

Ozzy had many part time jobs as a teenager. He worked as a plumber's helper, degreasing machine operator, car horn tuner, and slaughterhouse worker.



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Did you know that Harrison Ford is an accomplished carpenter and utilized the craft as a way to supplement his income when his earlier movie roles weren't bringing in as much as he needed to support his growing family? Here are more facts about his career and success.



O.D. McKee
Financial and career trivia and facts about businessman O.D. McKee, creator of Little Debbie snacks.

Lucille Ball
While working as a showgirl in NY Lucy was down to her last 4 pennies. What did she do?


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