Venus Williams opens Jamba Juice franchise

Its probably happened to you, and it wouldn't be all that surprising. It has actually happened to thousands of people. Each year, tens of thousands of people get the desire to break away from the confinement of corporate America and start their own business. The problem is that while their desire and commitment may be strong, they lack the appropriate business experience to successfully run a business entirely on their own.

Many people, even celebrities and sports figures such as Venus Williams, are highly successful in their careers working for someone else, but realize that starting their own business can be a daunting task. That is why many would be entrepreneurs look to franchising as a way of getting started.

Without question Wimbledon champion Venus Williams is an extremely accomplished athlete in tennis. However, success in one venture doesn't always translate into guaranteed success in another. Perhaps, with her recent entrance into a Jamba Juice franchise Williams will experience both.

For a would be entrepreneur franchises have their advantages and downsides. Some of the benefits of franchise ownership include training, access to vendors that provide high volume pricing discounts, operational support, brand recognition. Perhaps, the most appealing aspect of franchising is that you gain immediate access to a proven business plan that allows you to dramatically shorten your learning curve and avoid potentially devastating mistakes.

Remember that nearly all franchises will require an amount of money to be paid up front in order to enter the franchising arrangement. This is called the franchise fee. Another potential downside is that franchising does not afford entrepreneurs the total freedom they often seek as most franchisors require that their own proprietary operational procedures be followed.

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