Rob Pattinson birthday gift: time value of saving!

May 19, 2011 Water For Elephants star Rob Pattinson turned 25 last week. Even though his birthday fell on ominous Friday the 13th this year, he has a very good reason to celebrate. You see, as a 25 year old, Rob Pattinson, best known for pulling on his hair, has a special gift that many of us wish we had. He has 40 more years to save for retirement!

Facts 25 year old Rob Pattinson should know about retirement saving.
Rob Pattinson saves $2,500.00 each year from age 25 to 34 and invests that money in an account earning 8% annually he will have accumulated $393,588.00 when he turns 65. On the other hand if Pattinson waits until he is 34 he will have to invest $2,500.00 for 31 years in order to only have $308,365.00!

Rob Pattinson's investment choices
Invest $25,000.00
$2,500 each year for 10 years
No further saving required
Achieve 8% annually compounded interest
End up with $393,588.00

If Pattinson waits until he is 34 years old:
Invest $77,500.00
$2,500.00 each year for 31 years
Achieve 8% annually compounded interest
End up with only $308,365.00

When is your birthday? Have you started saving for retirement yet??

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