Mike Tyson robbed in hotel room

Mike Tyson robbed in hotel roomHow brave do you have to be to rob Mike Tyson while he is in the room??

Well, TMZ reports that is exactly what happened on New Years Eve when Mike Tyson was staying at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas after attending Stevie Wonder's New Year's Eve concert. The intruder got away; police are currently investigating.

This isn't the first time a celebrity has been robbed in a what would be considered a high end hotel. In 2011, Alex Trebek and his wife were awakened in their San Francisco Marriott Marquis hotel room to find a burglar stealing from them. However, unlike the Tyson case the intruder was caught rather quickly.

So if hotel room breakins can happen in more expensive hotels what can happen at Motel 6 or Super 8? Traveling is expensive enough without having to worry about losing your money and valuables, let alone the consideration for your personal safety.

Protect yourself and your money while traveling.
TravelandLeisure.com suggests you ask the following questions about the hotel you wish to stay at.

Ask these questions:
Does the hotel employ round-the-clock security personnel? "A hotel can have closed-circuit TV," he says, "but if there's no one to respond, it's not a comprehensive security program."

Does the hotel require all guests to present a government-issued photo ID, driver's license, or passport when registering?

Does the hotel restrict access to guest-room floors to those staying there? If so, how is this enforced?

Has the staff received security and emergency-management training?

CrimeDoctor.com suggests the following tips for hotel security:
Occupancy Cues
Put the Do-Not-Disturb sign on the doorknob even when you are away so people believe the room is occupied.

Beware the Parking Lot
Take advantage of car valet service, if available to avoid the parking lot.

Access Control
Do not open your door to someone who knocks unannounced.

Door Security Hardware
Hotel or motel rooms should be equipped with a solid-core wood or metal door for best protection.

Higher Floors are Safer
Upper floors are safer from crime, but worse for fire rescue.

Other Entry Points
Make sure all windows and sliding doors are secured, if they are accessible from the ground.

Making a break-in too easy.
"About half of all break-ins aren't break-ins but walk-ins," says Bob Portenier, consultant, lecturer, and former burglar. "Families get in a hurry in the morning -- kids going to school, running late for work, doctors' appointments, what have you -- and forget to take that one or two minutes to check the doors and locks, usually on the back side. You have a pet, you let it out to do its business -- and then forget the security French door or sliding glass door." Source


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