Frugal First Lady Michelle Obama makes low cost look good

June 21, 2011 So how does a First Lady get lots of attention? Entertain a queen? Give a presentation to hundreds of school children? Give a commencement address at West Point? Yes, however, as First Lady you can get even more attention by wearing "regular" clothes. Michelle Obama and the President took a weekend trip recently and we all took note that Mrs. Obama was wearing a $30.00 dress from the Gap. We already knew she as a Gap fan from the time she wore a $10.00 Gap T-shirt when out to lunch with Nancy Reagan.

Much like Jennifer Garner, Michelle Obama would like us to get on board with her nutrition program and stop eating pizza and fries, and there is nothing wrong with that, except we would have to give up pizza and fries. Just as important as her passion for proper eating, though, is the fine example she sets with frugal clothing choices. Mrs. Obama always seems to pull off fashion and lower cost. For example, she still pulled off looking like a First Lady on the Today show back in February in a $35 H&M dress!

One suggestion we have for the First Lady. We envision Michelle Obama sitting at the dinner table with the President and kids coaching them on the value of eating their broccoli and carrots. Why not also give the President some insider tips on frugality which he can take back to Congress and share with them!

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