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madonna shopping for dealJuly 1, 2011 OMG! at reported that Madonna spent last weekend with her 24 year old boyfriend at a flea market in Paris looking for deals while shopping for antiques and we've got to applaud her efforts to be frugal in her shopping habits. It shows that frugal shopping behaviors can be employed by anyone, even celebrities. In fact we just recently reported that Michelle Obama was a great role model when it came to frugal shopping. She knows how to find inexpensive clothing and still look great. The Jersey Shore cast did their own version of keeping costs low when they were spotted shopping in a dollar bargain store stocking up on basics.

How to save even more when bargain shopping.
Another way to save even more money at a flea market or garage sale is negotiating with the seller. In the July / August edition of The Quarter Roll our article "The Beginner’s Guide to Shopping Yard Sales" spells out the basic steps you need to know in order to successfully negotiate lower prices. Some of those steps include:

*Know what you want to pay.
*Decide in advance the highest price you will pay.
*Ask what the price is.
*Ask the seller if that price is firm.
*Accept the price if it is around the target price that you want to pay.
*Name a price lower than what your target price is.

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