Why Katy Perry Can Turn Down $20 Million

Even in a slow job market it is possible to get multiple job offers. When you master networking, interviewing, and creating demand for your skillsets don't be surprised if the tables are turned and multiple employers are pursuing you. Getting multiple job offers is an ideal position to be in as a job seeker. It gives you more options, as well as, bargaining power. Just like when you're buying a car, the best card to have in your hand is the "walk" card. Having options and being able to walk away from a job offer is the best position to be in.

Katy Perry says no to $20 million?
The reality TV show American Idol is once again looking for a new judge. TMZ.com reports, "Sources close to the production tell TMZ ... "Idol" pursued Perry relentlessly for weeks, eager to get her to sign on the dotted line. According to our sources, they started the offer at $18 million, but threw even more cash on the table ... $20 MILLION for a one year contract!!!

We're told Katy made it clear ... she was NOT interested and money wasn't the issue.

Sources tell us ... aside from the fact that Katy's schedule made it impossible to do the show... she just didn't think it was right career choice for her."

Turning down a job offer.
A highly accomplished performer, such as Katy Perry, is going to receive many business / job offers because of her reputation, celebrity status, and public record of achievement. The same is true for anyone else. The more people who know about your achievements and abilities, know your good reputation, and recognize your professional accomplishments, the more likely you are to get multiple job offers. Just like Katy, that allows you to pick and choice the jobs that are best for your situation and / or career.

Good position to be in.
Katy turned down a $20 million job. That tells you she has enough work and opportunities going on that she is in a position to justifiably turn down that offer. Are you in the same position? Are you in a position to choose which offers to accept and reject based on your career goals.

Here are some suggestions that will help put you in a stronger position when it comes to getting more job offers and choosing the ones that best meet your requirements.

-Have significant and verifiable professional successes that created more business for your past employers.
-Have a strong, professional online presence that demonstrates your expertise, not your hobbies.
-Have a wide and engaged circle of professional contacts who also have a wide and engaged circle of contacts.
-Have a back up employment plan. It can only help you to cultivate a relationship with more than one company who is hiring.
-Have skills and experience that are currently in high demand.

All of these traits will make you highly desirable among many employers. That's when you start to get multiple and meaningful job offers from which you can choose the one that best fits your income, lifestyle, and career goals.

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