Will Kate Bosworth be working with customers anytime soon?

August 12, 2011 Last week Kate Bosworth and her date were out for a Coldplay concert in Los Angeles. Photographers noted that something was a little different. She had dyed the parts of her hair a shade of green / turquoise blue! Bosworth didn't say why the twist from her former all blonde look.

Thank goodness 28 year old
Kate Bosworth is a celebrity.

Thinking about unusual hair colors, tattoos, or piercings? Think twice about making these kind of changes when others will see them, especially if you are job hunting. Many employers will admire your individuality, but they certainly wouldn't put you in front of their customers. Many companies work hard to market a particular image, and while the bosses may have no personal problem with your blue hair or neck tattoos, your unique look may not fit the company image. Finding work is tough enough right now. Find a way to balance individuality with fitting in at the workplace.


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