Ian and Erin Ziering are new parents concerned about the future

Ian and Erin Ziering are new parentsJune 22, 2011 Last but not least for Ian Ziering. Ian is the last 90210 cast member to have a child. Ian and Erin Ziering recently became new parents when they welcomed their baby girl, Mia,  into the world back in April, about one year after their May 2010 wedding. Baby Mia seems to have excited and concerned parents. When asked about his new baby Ian stated he was more worried than ever about the environment. His advice to us: "....more than ever am I worried about the mess in this world. Hydrogen, Electricity, Natural Gas. Reinvent yourselves. For the sake of all of our kids."

Responsible parents
Mia is lucky to have a concerned daddy. One thing that new dads who are concerned about their baby's future is to review their will and life insurance. While thinking about the end of your life seems contrary to celebrating the beginning of your baby's life, responsible parents want to take some time and plan for all of the "what ifs".

If the Ziering's have wills they should review them and have them properly updated. If they don't have wills they should consult an estate planning attorney and create a will for both Ian and Erin. There are three types of wills: holographic (handwritten), nuncupative (orally given when the person is dying), and statutory (a formal will written by an attorney). A statutory will must be signed by a witness who will not be a beneficiary in the will. If they are each other's beneficiaries, Ian and Mia will not be allowed to serve as each other's witness.

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