George Clooney admits to early career mistakes

Have you ever made a mistake at work? How about a lot of mistakes? It is not uncommon for even highly successful people to look back at their careers and remember the times when it looked like everything that could go wrong was going wrong!

George Clooney was recently asked about his success and he admitted that times they were not always so good. In fact Clooney once lived in a friend's walk-in closet for a few months during his first year in Hollywood! Clooney said he did make his share of "dumb" mistakes early on; he just wasn't newsworthy enough at the time for many people to pay much attention to him!

Clooney said: "I've certainly made some turkeys along the way and made some dumb choices in my career, mostly early on. I'm one of the lucky ones who got to make a lot of mistakes very early on when no one was paying attention. I did a lot of terrible TV shows and was really terrible in them, but nobody really noticed."

When evaluating your own career it is important to put things in perspective. There are not many overnight Facebook or Google successes out there. Rather, most successful people make small improvements every day and over time they end up with a successful career.

In fact there are plenty of people who have been up against very oppressing odds, but because they kept working at improving their situation they ended up achieving great things. Take a look at the story of Andrew Jackson the 7th United States President. During the Revolutionary War he was a 15 year old prisoner of war. By the time he was released from the British his entire family had died and he was a homeless teenager. However, he didn't just give up; Jackson sought out work and found a tradesman that was willing to teach him a new skill. Of course, one new job after another eventually led him to the White House.

You are going to have your own set of challenges at work and home. Ask yourself what "seeds" you can plant today that will help you succeed in the future.

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