Rockstar Gene Simmons believes in working lots of odd jobs

"To never put all your eggs in one basket has always been a good idea and a mantra of mine. Spread the risk. Have one job and do one thing and be able to do two or three other things in case one thing doesn't work out. Just don't be a master in one and a knucklehead in all others." - Gene Simmons

In 2011 while he was attending the ESPY Awards Gene Simmons, the former KISS rockstar, was asked about jobs he held before becoming famous. Simmons told Candace Smith from, "I worked in a butcher's shop where I had to work rubbing the fat off the chopping block, which they used to chop the heads of the chickens. It's true. I was 12." Simmons went on to say that it is good for young people to experience all kinds of different work. Simmons himself has held many different jobs.

The odd jobs of a rockstar.
Simmons has held jobs as a temporary worker employed by the Kelly Agency as a temp and as a deli cashier. He worked for Glamour magazine for a brief time and also as a personal assistant to Kate Lloyd the editor of Vogue.

Gene Simmons says learn more skills.
Simmons also believes that it is important to have marketable work skills in more than one line of work. His point was that there will be times when it is difficult to find work in a particular industry and you should be prepared to make a living somewhere else if you need to.

Which one is better?
Do you think it is better to be a master of one skill or a generalist capable of working several different jobs? Specialists are usually rewarded with higher paying jobs, because they are rare. They can solve problems, design products, or satisfy niche customer desires where many others can not. However, is "putting all of your talent in one basket", so to speak, safe in today's economy? We discovered in 2008 that even specialists' jobs are subject to being ruthlessly devoured by a poor economy. Is a generalist better off in that particular situation? Are there more options open to a generalist looking for a quick job replacement as they are competent in other skills?

Learn how easy it can be to get new marketable work skills, even when you are working full-time.

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