Why a high school diploma is so important for Dakota Fanning and her classmates.

dakota fanningFrom 2011. 17 year old Dakota Fanning is growing up! Dakota just graduated from Campbell Hall, a private Episcopalian High School where commencement ceremonies were held at Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown L.A. Now that high school is over Dakota is looking for colleges to attend. Dakota once said: 'I have such a normal life when Iím not working . . . Itís just nice to be around people you care about and who know you best.' She certainly proved that while in school. During high school there were no special favors for Dakota; she attended high school just like everyone else, participated in after school events through cheerleading, and was elected homecoming queen.

Dakota Fanning was reportedly earning $4 million by the time she was 12 years old. However, not all kids can expect to make that kind of money while in school! So, what can kids expect to earn after they have completed their schooling? When you review the following facts from the Bureau of Labor Statistics you see just how important it is to earn a high school diploma.

Salary Expectations By Education Level
The average salary someone can expect to earn without a high school education is $21,000.00 per year, compared to a high school graduate who makes 50% more at $31,000.00 per year. Knowing about the potential 50% jump in pay may be an incentive to get many kids to complete their studies and graduate from high school. Education is not the only thing that will allow someone to earn more at work, but it certainly proves to be a major factor. The overall national average was 9.1% in June 2011 while Pennsylvania was 7.6%.

Unemployment Rate By Education Level
However, when you dig into the average unemployment rate and consider education level you find even worse news for those without a high school diploma. These seasonally adjusted numbers are listed as of June 2011:
Unemployment rate for those with no high school diploma: 14.7%
Unemployment rate for those with a high school diploma: 9.5%
Unemployment rate for those with some college: 8.0%
Unemployment rate for those with a college diploma: 4.5%
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Table A-4

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