How Presidents Save On Utility Bills

Here is a quick way to reduce your energy use: follow Jimmy Carter’s example and not the one set by Barack Obama! On his first full day in office Barack Obama was photographed without a suit jacket on in the Oval Office. Why? President Obama hates the cold and had the temperature of the White House turned up!

Jimmy Carter’s heating bill.
On the other hand, Jimmy Carter, who was often seen wearing a sweater in the White House, stated in 1977, “….and the last thing I'm doing is to ask everyone to cut down very strictly on the temperatures within homes. The whole White House is maintained at a temperature of 65 degrees. When you get a couple hundred people in a small room like this, the temperature goes up. But every thermostat in the White House, every thermostat in all Government buildings in this country are now set at 65 degrees, which is about 10 degrees lower. And if everybody will do that in private homes as well, and even cut back a little more at night, then that will make up half the shortage of natural gas--just that one thing.”

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