3 Ways To Completely Beat Out Your Competition For A New Job


3 Ways To Completely Beat Out Your Competition For A New Job
Mike Bowman   

I have interviewed hundreds and hundreds of people for a wide variety of positions over the years, and of course have been interviewed many times myself. After all those interviews I have noted that the people who get the jobs bring a whole lot more to the interview besides an additional copy of their resume printed on very expensive paper. Here are some of the things successful job candidates do that other applicants don't.

1. How to beat out the first 50% of your competition for a new job.

A. Smile, be energetic, arrive early, and show enthusiasm.
This may sound obvious but you need to show up a little early and look like you are actually happy to be at the interview. The quickest way to blow an interview is to look upset or angry, display lethargic behaviors, or appear uninterested. Make it clear through your countenance and body language that you are excited to meet the interviewer and learn more about how you may fit into the open position.

On the other hand remember not to overdo it with the enthusiasm. Anyone with a puppy loves to see them jumping up and down with excitement when arriving home from work, but that level of enthusiasm will get you sent home pretty quick at an interview.

B. Dress appropriately.
How you dress and look for a job interview is very important. It may not be the most important part of a job interview, but you don't want your dress to detract from an otherwise good meeting. Dressing appropriately for an interview not only shows you care about yourself, it shows respect toward the employer and that you fit in.

C. Relax and be yourself.
Confidence is very important at an interview. Confidence is attractive, draws people to you, and put others at ease around you. Interviews can be stressful, but that is why you need to focus on relaxing and being yourself. If you are trying too hard to impress the interviewer you will make yourself nervous and look less confident. Behaviors like overthinking your answers makes you seem unsure of yourself; something that can put doubts in the mind of the person interviewing you.

2. How to beat out the next 49% of your competition.

Bring a written solution to the employer's current problem. This works nearly every time and is an excellent way to get the hiring manager's attention. It's fairly easy to find a company's pain points. For example, you could Google them and read customer reviews. What are customers complaining about or asking for?

Once you have that information create a written proposal for the company that shows how you will use your experience and skills to solve the problem. That is the kind of stuff current employees are assigned to do. Hiring you as part of the team, now becomes an easy, natural transition, because when the hiring manager reviews your proposal with you it looks like you already work there!

3. How to beat out the last 1% of your competition

So you have now beaten out 99% of your competition by giving the hiring manager many reasons to feel confident that you are the right choice, but there is one more guy in the running. Here is how to get the interviewer to send him home, by utilizing just one more step.

This step is super easy, yet the other guy will think itís not necessary. Well, it is. If you want to beat out any remaining competitors for the job: just ask for the job! Guess what? You arenít the pretty girl in high school who never had to ask for a date because everyone was asking her out. Itís just not going to work that way for you at an interview. No one is going to say "Do you want this job?" You are going to have to do the asking.

I have written about this step over and over again, but so many people can't seem to get the nerve to just ask for the job, so I am going to make it real easy and just write out exactly what you should say:

"I hope I answered all your questions today, Miss Jones. I'm excited about this opportunity and feel this is the position that makes the most sense for me. I am convinced I will enjoy working here, and meet the requirements you have laid out, but understand you have to weigh your options. Is there anything else I can answer for you or get for you so that you would be confident in offering me the position today?"

Now understand there is a good chance Miss Jones will not commit to offering you the job right then and there. However, what you just did was convince her that you are for real; that you are excited about the job and committed to making it work. You are telling her that she is not wasting her time offering you the job just to have you reject the offer, or have you quit 3 months later.

Do the stuff no one else is doing for an interview and you will get the offers no one else is getting!

About the author Mike Bowman
Mike writes for TheQuarterRoll.com, a website that makes small business ownership and personal finance fun and entertaining through the stories of real people. You can learn more about Mike on Linkedin.

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1) Smile, be energetic, arrive early, and show enthusiasm.
2) Dress appropriately.
3) Relax and be yourself.
4) Bring a written solution to the employer's current problem.
5) Ask for the job.


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